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Clawhammer banjo arrangement for Reuben's Train in open D tuning 

 Here's some tab for my basic arrangement of the classic train tune, "Reuben's Train".
If you've never played in open D before, you're in for a treat. The tuning has a warm, mellow
voicing that really sweetens up the most basic of arrangements.
Most banjos will take a little while to settle into this new tuning, so be prepared to spend a
few minutes getting fine tuned.

Please comment on this blog is you have any questions, corrections, or requests.
And as always, I'll post audio samples if anyone requests them.

Happy Pickin':


Liberty - two versions - for the clawhammer banjo 

 Howdy Folks,
Here are a couple of my arrangements for the popular fiddle tune, "Liberty".

One is a rhythmic version well suited as an accompaniment to a fiddler or other melody instrument.

The second is a melodic arrangement.

I used both of these arrangements in a "Clawhammer I" class that I taught recently at The Folk School of St. Louis. (

Let me know if you'd like to hear some audio samples of the arrangements.

Hope you enjoy. 

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rhythmic version   

melodic version  

Christmas Tunes Arranged For Clawhammer Banjo 

Howdy and happy holidays to you all!

I've been arranging a few christmas tunes for the clawhammer banjo and thought I might share:

Deck the Halls(tab)


This one's in the key of G. It's pretty straight forward-technique-wise-with a little bit of double thumbing in there for flare.
Let me know if anything is unclear to you and I'll try to clarify with additional posts.

The chord harmony has a lot of fast changes and makes for a great left hand coordination exercise.

If you want more, let me know.

 Your humble and obediant servant,
                                                 Ryan Spearman