Ryan's Latest Blogging Adventures

Hello Everyone,
Well, as you can clearly see by browsing the posts here on my homepage blog, I haven't been active in this space for quite some time.

I'm leaving these old but wonderful posts up for anyone who wants to check 'em out but if you want to follow my current blogging activities you can go to these places:
  • Acoustic Living - Here I write about the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned as a professional acoustic musician for the last two decades. There's also an online radio show that features personal stories and viewpoints as well as interviews with special music industry guests.
  • Folk Music Today -  Coming Soon! A production of St. Louis'  Folk School of KDHX, Folk Music Today offers you a "daily dose of folk" with news, editorials, informational articles, reviews, interviews, and more. I'm excited to be a co-editor, writer, and audio producer at Folk Music Today.  Coming Soon!
  • Play Better Banjo - My site for all things banjo...with an focus on the clawhammer style. Articles, lessons, interviews with clawhammer greats, practice tips, videos and online banjo courses!  
Well, I hope you come say hello at any or all of the above-mentioned cyber-spaces. If you do, make sure to leave a comment! I want to get some conversations going in these forums and you can help make that happen.

Best to you in all of your pursuits,

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