Headed to Europe

 Howdy Everybody,
We are leaving for Europe in the morning and we're really excited.  This is where I'll be uploading pictures, videos, and observations from the trip.  
Now would be a great time to subscribe to the blog…

Teaching the World to Play One Class at a Time

  Howdy everyone,

The time is here for a new Folk School session to begin and I am offering five classes; two of which are new to the school.

Like last session, I'm teaching an Ensemble I Class, a…

Clawhammer banjo arrangement for Kitchen Girl

 Here's my version of one of my all time favorite fiddle tunes for the banjo. It's got a few tricky maneuvers, but is pretty straight forward for the most part.
If you have any trouble figuring out the right…

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

There's a revolution happening in the music industry right now!

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Freight Train

Here's my basic arrangement of the classic Elizabeth Cotten finger picking tune, "Freight Train". Hope you enjoy!

I've included a link to a sound sample of the arrangement. It should be noted that this sound sample
is an…

Liberty - two versions - for the clawhammer banjo

 Howdy Folks,
Here are a couple of my arrangements for the popular fiddle tune, "Liberty".

One is a rhythmic version well suited as an accompaniment to a fiddler or other melody instrument.

The second is a melodic…

Mississippi John Hurt's

 Here's a simple arrangement one of my favorite folk/blues fingerpickin' tunes: 
   Got the Blues
If you're at a loss as to the fingering of the right hand, here are some tips to get you through the tune nice and…