From the recordings Get Along Home, Get Along Home, and Walk Along John

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Green Business Challenge

Now if you wanna greener business , and a smaller carbon shoe
you should talk to the people that are working with you
you got to rise to the challenge got build you a team
when we all work together we can make the city green

Now you think you got it covered but you might a missed a spot
The polar caps are meltin’ , mother earth is getting’ hot
Trees are disappearing , the smog is getting’ thick
So we better take some action and we better do it quick

Now it’s all pretty simple and it’s here I’d like to say
That a little bit of change goes a mighty long way
So use recycled paper turn the water heater down
Take a ride on the bus when you want to get around

Now we’re pressing on; are you gonna take the LEED
Call a meeting with your workers, maybe plant a little seed
Maybe lose the incandescent; make a switch to LED
If you’re gonna send a memo, do it electronically

Now you’re part of the solution, you should give yourselves a hand
The city of the blues will be the greenest in the land
Years from now all the history books will say
That the business folk in Louie were the ones to pave the way
Yeah, the folks in Louie and the RCGA