1. Hometown

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This is not how I remember my own hometown
I get lost on once familiar roads my smile’s a broken frown
And all the stoplights have grown eyes in the time I’ve been away
Watching every turn I make waiting for my next mistake

Just like every one before I wonder why I have returned
Hard wisdom makes a heavy load and second thoughts do burn
And the wishful lives we started here have grown so far apart
And the phone just stopped its ringing and the letters just stopped coming

I’ve got a heart just like a handgun
Got a heart just like a fist
Got a heart that just keeps pumping
Got a heart that just won’t quit
Sometimes I feel like I’m on fire
Sometimes I feel like sinking stone
Sometimes I feel like I’m a stranger
This place is not my home
This place is not my home

The old farmers here have gold mines in the shape of house and land
He was born here in this valley and he farmed it with his hands
He refused to live to see the day they razed his house and farm
But the children don’t mind selling and the world keeps disappearing

I hear that every hero’s journey has to end where it did start
And he always comes home wiser and he’s always pure at heart
Doesn’t feel like walls are falling doesn’t feel like battles won
Is this history we’re writing is there something that I’m missing