1. Missouri Song

From the recordings Get Along Home, Get Along Home, and Walk Along John


Missouri Song

I’m so tired of all this trouble…too much snow and never rain
I even miss the poison ivy won’t you take me back again

I want to go back to Missouri want to hear the bluebird sing
See them dogwood softly bloomin’ hear that old time fiddle ring

When I set out from Missouri swore id never be back this way
Now I miss the rolling thunder miss them long hot summer days

Miss them bluegill when they’re bitin’ miss them turkey when they call
Miss them lightning bugs a glowin’ and the apples in the fall

Wish I was in some dark cavern where Frank and Jessie used to hide
Or on some wide and muddy river where Huckleberry used to ride

When m earthly days are over and my voice speaks not a sound
Tell my family not to weep, boys tell my friends to gather ‘round

Place a grapevine on my coffin have a redbird trill a tune
Put me on some southbound steamer we’ll all be together soon