1. Love Song

From the recordings Get Along Home, Get Along Home, and Walk Along John


Love Song

I’ll cry for you, you’ll cry for me
And push will turn into shove
I curse your name, but I can’t let you be
I guess we must be in love
You lie to me, I lie to you
From all accounts this is love
There must be a reason we do what we do
Man, It’s gotta be love

It’s like the morning dew, they say
Just after the dawn, it fades away
It must be for losers ‘cause lovers just can’t win
We dance in the fallout of original sin

I spy on you, you spy on me
‘Cause love is immune to shame
Pledge every breath to insanity
Ain’t that the name of the game
I’ll dream of you, you’ll dream of me
It’s trouble that fits like a glove
I change the locks then I give you the key
There’s a good chance this is love

Love is tired, love is sick
I am the mud, you are the stick
Blame it on birds, blame it on bees
Blame it on fairytales we all believe

I’m there for you, you’re there for me
But we both have our eyes on the door
We said our vows, we paid the fee
How could we know what was in store
I’m never right, you’re always wrong
But somehow we make it through each day
Maybe it sounds like an old country song
But we’re both happy this way