1. Mutton Chops

From the recordings Get Along Home, Get Along Home, and Walk Along John


Mutton Chops

Well he’s the kind of man that you’ve seen before
Gets a little and he wants some more
Gets some more and he wants it all
He gets higher and higher till there’s nowhere to fall

He tends to twitch and turn he can’t look you in the eye
If he stands in one place for too long he might die
He turns every head when he walks in the room
And when he takes his leave it’s not a minute too soon

He’s got a million stories and they’re all hard to believe
He’s got a crook in his smile and an ace up his sleeve
He’ll stop at nuthin’ to maintain his stash
He’ll pawn your shoes and steal your cash

That’s what he done to me it was a hundred dollars clean
Brother I got red hot angry and mean
I swore and cursed his name paced and tore my hair
He could ‘ve asked for a loan I would ‘ve shared

I called a hundred million times on the telephone
But you know somehow that cat just never was home
He’s been duckin’ round corners screening my calls
I got my eye on the door and I’m writin’ on the wall

He went and sent me a message through a mutual pal
He said man it’s all cool said the check’s in the mail
But are what are the chances that I might see that dough
Maybe one in a million man…I don’t know

I’m probably more likely to see a blizzard in july
A lame man that walks or a pig that can fly
A triceratops sporting some hot pink horns or maybe
Mutton chops on a unicorn