Live at Rock House Concerts - Reeds Spring, MO

"Ryan Spearman is many things in many musical moods, but all his roles show a passion for setting the spark of innovation to the good tinder of tradition."

Five Strings House Concerts
-Rachel Peterson

"The best word I can think of to describe Ryan and his music is authentic. Every note from his many instruments and his beautiful voice rings so true, and he is a truly talented songwriter.  I was absolutely mesmerized during his performance and I think mostly everyone in the house was too. I get chills remembering how wonderfully, perfectly silent it was as Ryan played, and then how loud and appreciative the applause was as soon as each song was done."

Show Me Shows
-Will Kyle

"Spearman's emotive ability is deft and limber. The troubadour can pull heartstrings while cracking a sardonic joke."

100% Viewfinder
-Corey Woodruff

"To say that Ryan Spearman is a talented musician would be like saying that Michael Schumacher is a good driver. Fact is, Spearman can play pretty much anything he touches and play it incredibly well. In fact, he can even make glorious music on instruments that weren’t meant to be instruments at all. He’s also an accomplished composer and teacher."

Sing Out! Magazine

"...The musicianship is good, especially Ryan Spearman's fiddle work."


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